Only a company with many projects developed can offer full guarantees in adapted solutions and / or energy services.

Your home, your business or your community itself is unique and the needs should be carefully analyzed before to tender you a resource or installation. So we invite you to contact us and we will inform you without compromise.

In any case this is what we can do with renewable energies:

Instalación Solar Ecotelia


  • Companies seek efficiency and optimization above everything, provide companies with heating, hot water or industrial steam, seeking funding formulas and producing significant savings on your energy bill is one of the differences of Ecotelia.
  • The backing of a certificate for the use of renewable energies, nowadays it means an important commercial dispute and a sample of CSR of the organizations.
  • The monitoring of installations, also to secure and control the efficiency of use that provides us a picture of that investment is profitable.

Ecotelia, instalación colegio Maristas


  • In a neighborhood community, public administration, etc., to undertake a major investment can generate some conflict if we do not act with the maximum rigor and professionalism, also when a solution not dilate more than necessary. This guarantee is what makes us one of the companies most valued by these groups.
  • No matter the size, from a small community, public installation, whole neighborhoods, the commitment’s Ecotelia is above sizes.
  • We manage access to funding lines such as IDAE (among others) that facilitate the access to credit.

Ecotelia, instalación particular


  • In those locations very difficult to access, is very interesting the autonomy and independence of an installation itself, particularly to carry out their activities freely and accessibility. No matter how isolated it may seem that it is, we have a solution for every need.
  • Biomass, geothermal, solar energy, own consumption ... Tell us about your situation and we will look for the best alternative.

ENERGY SERVICE: As energy services company registered in the IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy). We offer a complete view on how to pay an integral project which results in optimizing any installation, since the previous audit until the works and supplies necessary in Ecotelia you will find a perfect travel partner that we bring a turnkey solution. No worries, no risks. Here is a summary of the way we work.

Ecotelia energy efficiency audits

Our performance will be able to comprise besides of building, mounting or processing installations, equipment and energy consuming systems, its maintenance, updating or renovation, its exploitation or management derived from incorporating efficient technologies. The energy service so defined should be lent based on a contract that should bring an associated saving of verifiable, measurable or estimable energy and the ECOTELIA‘s compromise.


Access to the information from the IDAE for more information. Click here.