Energy efficiency: advanced audits and energy certificates

Our team of engineers and technicians specializing in renewable energy study and analyze each project, accompanying clients throughout the execution process, legalization and exploitation, guaranteeing its viability and future profitability.

The process includes the following phases:

Advanced audits and energy certificates

  1. PHASE 1 - Advanced Auditing
  2. Inventory of energy consumption points.
  3. Collecting information about billing.
  4. Visit to the consumption centers and data collection.
  5. PHASE 2 - Analysis and Approach
  6. Analysis of information.
  7. Technical and economic evaluation.
  8. Design of corrective measures and improvement proposals.
  9. PHASE 3 - Management and Execution
  10. Project management.
  11. Work Management.
  12. Dealing with aids for commissioning of corrective measures.
  13. PHASE 4 - Control and Optimization
  14. Training of personnel involved in the management and maintenance of the centers of consumption.
  15. Control and monitoring of the implantation.
  16. Evaluation of improvement and optimization of resources.

With this decision tool, clients will be able to develop a plan of action that will allow you to:

Soluciones eficaces
  • Reducing energy consumption of installations / processes and thus reduce energy costs.
  • If it is viable, encourage the use of alternative energy, applying energy generation systems of high efficiency and even advance their energy independence.
  • Increase the life of currently installed equipment thanks to rationalization of use.
  • Sensitize and educate owners and users of the installations in terms of saving and energy efficiency.
  • Place your business in the forefront of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, as well as direct investments by the entity itself or through agreements with other companies that allow you to value these opportunities without the need to undertake all the investments.