Ecotelia continues developing practical solutions to promote the own consumption of electric power, an approach that allows consumers to produce part of the electricity they use in their homes or businesses.

This supposes a radical evolution from the current centralized generation model (the energy is produced in large plants such as hydroelectric plants or nuclear power plants and traveling long distances to be consumed) to the distributed generation.

Benefits of electric own consumption:

The first advantage of the own consumption is the saving: to produce part of the energy consumed, the electricity bills of the consumer can be reduced by 60-80%. If we also take into account the continued increase in electricity prices (by 70% since 2005), to produce energy is more profitable than buying it, according to the calculations of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving of Energy.

A second advantage of the own consumption is that, as electricity does not travel long distances, the energy losses in the network are avoided. Should be recalled that, the current model of centralized generation, 10% of electricity is lost during transport and distribution, with an annual cost of 2,000 million euros.

A third benefit of the own consumption is that the production is done with clean technologies, reducing the use of fossil fuels and energy dependency. In this sense, photovoltaics is presented as the most appropriate formula to generate electricity for own consumption at homes for several reasons: its advanced level of development, which is used to connect the solar panels to your home network; the prices downward, because the cost of solar panels has fallen 70% in the last four years; and the fact that electricity is produced during the day, which is when people consume more energy. However, the own consumption is also possible with other renewable energies such as small wind, the small solar thermal or biomass.

Fourth, the own consumption will boost employment and economic activity in the sector of renewable energies. Its implementation will increase the demand for solar panels and allow the creation of local energy service companies to install and maintain domestic plants. Now that the premiums to the renewable energies in Spain have been removed, the own consumption can secure the future of the sector.