Instalación solar

The IDAE offers a wide aid program for energy rehabilitation of existing buildings (PAREER-CRECE Program)

In order to stimulate and promote the realization of reform measures that favor the energy saving, the improvement of the energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, in existing buildings (with independence of their use and the juridical nature of their holders), the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the IDAE, starts up a specific program of aid and financing.

Fall on performances by:
  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope.
  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of the heating and lighting installations.
  • Replacing of conventional energy by biomass in the thermal installations.
  • Replacing of conventional energy by geothermal energy in thermal installations.
Who can benefit from this aid?
  • Owners of existing buildings.
  • The owner communities or groups of communities of owners of residential buildings of use as housing, constituted as horizontal property.
  • Homeowners who are grouped together being building owners and have not granted the constitutive title of horizontal property.
  • The companies exploitative, tenants or concessionaires of buildings.
  • The energy service companies.

The beneficiaries will receive a cash help without consideration or supplemented with a repayable loan with very favorable financial conditions.

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