Puelles’ Family is settled since time immemorial in Abalos with a winemaking tradition running parallel to their existence. The current generation, the Puelles’ brothers transform and enlarge the property of the Mill in a beautiful winery close to the old mill from s. XVII, acquired by the family to the municipality in 1844.

In the field of “tempranillo” (kind of grape), it is cultivated as organic viticulture, it is made and aged with the greatest care and bottled as "Wine House" with the mark "El Molino de Puelles."

Another example of the strong commitment of Puelles’Winery with the environment is the order made to ECOTELIA to convert biomass (wood splinter) as the main source of thermal energy for its wine cellar.

The installation made by ECOTELIA involves the design, supply and operation of a biomass system ready for use as fuel wood splinter, based on a boiler HERZ Firematic of 90 KW destined to supply the heat for the climate control and hot water in the winery.

The installation made will avoid 32 tons of CO2 emissions per year, the annual expenditure of the combustible - wood splinter- will mean a saving of over 50%, compared to traditional solutions like propane or diesel.