Instalación solar

In order to stimulate and promote the realization of reform measures that favor the energy saving, the improvement of the energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, in existing buildings (with independence of their use and the juridical nature of their holders), the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the IDAE, starts up a specific program of aid and financing.

Another example of the strong commitment of Puelles’Winery with the environment is the order made to ECOTELIA to convert biomass (wood splinter) as the main source of thermal energy for its wine cellar.

The installation made by ECOTELIA involves the design, supply and operation of a biomass system ready for use as fuel wood splinter, based on a boiler HERZ Firematic of 90 KW destined to supply the heat for the climate control and hot water in the winery.

Ecotelia continues developing practical solutions to promote the own consumption of electric power, an approach that allows consumers to produce part of the electricity they use in their homes or businesses.

This supposes a radical evolution from the current centralized generation model (the energy is produced in large plants such as hydroelectric plants or nuclear power plants and traveling long distances to be consumed) to the distributed generation.